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New EBook Released!

In order to higher the right team, you must have the right questions. So many times as consultants we see people hired quickly just because a position is open and the employer in small business panic. This handbook will help you ask the right questions as well give you some priceless tips on what to look for in your new Dream Team! They are out there! The burden is on you to find them and screen the wrong applicants out!


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Products & Services

Dynamic Administrators offers a diverse range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality programs and offer a quality guarantee on all items.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.


We offer services in all areas of business management to practices of all sizes in the dental and medical field. Some of our important practice areas are listed below. 


Platinum Practice Management Program

Whether your practice needs help or needs help getting to the next level, the Dynamic Administrators Platinum Program could be for your office. This is a weekly on-site practice management program that walks you and your team through changes every week.


With this program, after a time of discovery with you and your practice, one of our local consultants will visit your practice and work "on" the practice as well as "in" it to help you make monumental changs. This program has seen results that have tripled practices in a matter of weeks.


Gold Practice Management Program

Maybe your practice needs a quick push or jump start to change. Dynamic Administrators Gold Program is more affordable on-site bi-weekly program that guides your practices through the changes it needs to make with a bi-weekly conference call to ensure implementation


This program offers on-site visits two times a month, which is many more visits than our competitors, and on the off weeks provides two conference calls as well as daily check in on your computer from remote. 


NEW Accounts Receivable Focused Program

Working with some of the state-of-the art companies, DA will help you to collect all that money that is outstanding in your Accounts Receivable.  Do you know how to get control of it?  Do you know what is an acceptable level of outstanding money?  Call us for a free phone consultation.



 DA is continuing to offer one-on-one personal coaching at an extremely reasonable price.

Many times an office manager has earned his/her title by being the person that has been with the company the longest and has no professional training. We will help you find what is blocking you and break through to extreme results.

We have perfected the personal and professional coaching so that it is cost effective to you but life changing and valuable. Any item you can perceive you can achieve, and we can help.

We offer a free phone consultation to see if this is something that could help you. Call us today!



Find out exactly where your practice stands and how far you can go!


Just as a dentist performs an exam before creating a treatment plan, Dynamic Administrators. LLC, In-Office Efficiency Analysis will show you all the vital information needed to make the right changes in your practice. Discover your practices' strengths, weakensses, opportunities and threats--and how to take your practice to the next level.


Dynamic Administrators will show you how to move forward by thinking outside the box and new ways to thrive in the economy. Things have changed, and your practice systems need to change in order to survive. We bring innovative ideas and sytems to your office for current situation and more importantly the future.


This is a one-day hands on service. We will meet with the doctors and staff throughout a regular working day with little to no distraction. At the end of the same day, we will be able to offer your assesment, recommendations and analysis.


Please call the office for more details and to schedule your In-Office Analaysis today.


Office Manager Training Course

Is your office manager in her/his position because they have been with your longest? Do they have the skills to not only run your business but also handle your team? Dynamic Administrators, L.L.C. offers an office manager training course located in Connecticut that can handle all issue you have with your manager. This course not only will polish them as a manager but also train them on treatment presentation anc closing, handling human resourse issuses, statistical analysis and much more.


This is a 6-month bi-weekly course. There are class assignments as well as role playing for your manager.


Call our office for dates and times of the course.


Statistical Management Program

This is our most cost effective way to help a practice. After some discovery and submitting reports to Dynamic Administrators, LLC. clients submit weekly required statistics to HIS through email or fax. HIS will review all statistics and respond with a conference call two times a month. These calls will go over the statistics and guide the practice officers on where they can improve their practice and how. The conference call will also cover the past few calls to be sure that the changes we suggest are being implemented.




New EBook Just Released


By popular DEMAND 

Have your own coach available to you at an instant!  Only $500 a month with no contract!

50% Off First Month of Coaching! Along with Complimentary Practice Analysis

Where to Find Us:

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